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She sought solace in a mixed bag of spiritual teachings: fashion kids clothes Christianity, Hare Krishna, Khalil Gibran's The Prophet, even The Lord of the Rings. "Spiritually, I felt guided. And I also felt that I had a guardian angel. That really kept me alive and going. In dark times, I would always pray."

"Wow, that was an interesting fan you earned. Are you ready to handle such attention?" I asked. "Not really. This is something new to me. I have just learnt to address the media. But I am an artiste myself and I could somehow relate to his excitement, so I would appreciate his efforts at gifting me a painting."

Oh there are many! I don't understand why people never give importance to wearing the right kind of shoes. Every shoe doesn't go with every dress. Also, women should stop wearing dresses that are three sizes smaller. It is okay to be plus sized, there are clothes available for the same, too. But leaving your body gasping for breath is just not understandable.

"Parents are supposed to love us unconditionally, right? They are the people who love us no matter what and are there with open arms, right? The sad fact is that it's not always like this, and several children don't grow up feeling their parents' love. And I know they beat themselves up for this, and think it's somehow their fault. After all, when the two people you have known longest in your life, the people who have given you life for God's sake, can't show you love, it's hard to ever feel like love exists or that you're worth loving at all."

Since the beginning, they've been roommates, a living situation which seems to at once comfort and perturb them. For instance, when one of them has to go to bed without the other, the first one upstairs inevitably asks when he can expect his brother to join him. "I don't want to go to bed alone," the early to bed kid will whine from his bunk. On the other hand, when the boy on the lower bunk lifts his brother's mattress with his legs, or when the one on top uses his flashlight to put on a late night laser show, we're certain to hear about the injustices of having to share a room.

It's hard to believe that it's 50 years since a teenage Twiggy then Lesley Hornby was discovered by a photographer."Things have changed so much in that time: not just for models, but for women in general," she says. "Okay, we're still fighting for equal pay, but there are women in the boardroom and in politics."

Of course there are occasions when that level of laid back just doesn cut it (such as premieres, press tours and the like), which Hutcherson will be doing a lot more of in upcoming weeks and months. "I love getting dressed up doing the whole premiere look. have a lot of Band of Outsiders shirts and ties they have really well fitting shirts and most of my suits are J. Lindeberg though I have some Z Zegna as well."

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