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Welding Equipment can be used to turn off

4, IGBT gate Welding Equipment can be used to turn off a large drain current.

5, the same with the MOSFET, IGBT has a large input resistance and a smaller input capacitance, the drive power is low, high switching speed.

6, if the IGBT's p drain region is divided into several different types of conductive area (that is, plus a few n-layer), which can reduce the drain pn junction electron blocking effect, you can further reduce the device Of the on-resistance.

Carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding (CO2 welding) davison-machinery is a method of welding carbon dioxide gas as shielding gas (sometimes using CO2 + Ar mixed gas). In the application of simple operation, suitable for automatic welding and all-round welding. Welding wind resistance is poor, suitable for indoor work. Because of its low cost, easy production of carbon dioxide gas, widely used in various small and medium enterprises. Due to the special influence of the thermal properties of carbon dioxide gas, the use of conventional welding power supply, the welding wire end melting metal can not form a balanced axial free transition, usually require the use of short-circuit and droplet necking, therefore, and MIG welding Free transition compared to splash more. However, if the use of high-quality welding machine, the choice of appropriate parameters, you can get a very stable welding process, so that splash reduced to a minimum. Due to the low cost of shielding gas used, the use of short-circuit transition weld shape is good, with the use of wire containing deoxidizer can be obtained without internal defects of high-quality welded joints. Therefore, this welding method has become the most important ferrous metal welding one of the methods