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Additional tips:

You charge not buy a new propane barbecue tank. You can accompany your old propane catchbasin to your bounded accouterments abundance and either accept it exchanged with a new one or accept it abounding with added LPG or abounding petroleum gas. If you are traveling to accept it exchanged, analysis the catchbasin absolutely for any aperture or accident afore abrogation the store. Also, if you are traveling to buy a new catchbasin altogether, do not actuate your propane catchbasin afterwards the advice of a able propane personnel.

Never smoke or handle (play with?) blaze if you are alive with your propane barbecue tank. It may aftereffect to explosion. In addition, to reiterate what was declared above, afore you plan with your propane barbecue tank, accomplish abiding the gas affiliation as able-bodied as all the barbecue burners and all controls are angry off.

Always abundance propane barbecue Threaded Rod in a vertical position and in a abode out of children's reach. This agency outdoors. Never abundance a propane catchbasin central the house. As abundant as possible, abundance bare propane tanks far from your gas barbecue or any abode that uses calefaction and flame.