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Fix the problem because there are such a wide selection

Nicely that's the crux, if you have any suggestions that work no doubt everyone would like to hear it. Divided phases really do nothing against that tbh, Main Atziri isn't ignitable, split types are, few spark builds do (well, uber) atziri. Therefore again, yes the present complaints are regarding immunities, but most from the interesting changes don't really fix the problem because there are such a wide selection of builds that use these types of mechanics. A voidheart jugg will lose a few damage but not really care that hydra is poison immune, a Path of Exile chaos barrage or spectral toss will be able to kill hydra but will have to actually perform the game, buy poe Chaos Orb and a bladefall miner (for discussion's sake) can't eliminate hydra. If you remove immunity or put in a lever to press suddenly bladefall trivializes (yes i know it's been nerfed) hydra instantly, spectral throw has a comfy time, and jugg doesn't have to swap a engagement ring. This is the simplified case and the reality of managing every single fire skill and every skill that can apply bleed, poison,

etc is a lot to deal with. Even the deep freeze suggestions of giving resolve will find a method to break it unless there's a long enough icd that an ignite build would trivialize it anyways. That final point is certainly fascinating, though there would surely be a ton of complaints from the "little guy" again because if it can dangerous to penalize the abuse cases mr 4k life fire trap has no hope. Most cold projectiles shatter upon impact ( arctic breath, cold shot), this would be the cold version of Orb of storm with regard to lightning. When they dont shatter, they pierce through, Frostbolt, Getting stuck pulse and Glaciers spear for instance. The later would particularly gain from such change since it will be an effective way to get rid of the very first hit and always get the second form's 600%~ crit chance. Ice Shot was disgustingly good along with Frostwall, it was simply overshadowed by Super Arrow. But since it stands, especially since they also fixed Vaal Glacial Hammer, I truly would like to see something similar to this. Cause in my opinion, both are now possibly useless or close to useless. (I imagine there is the minor advantage of pushing melee attackers off of you).

I hope some kind of change is within the works which turns Frost Wall into semi-pathable terrain. So that you can lightning warp over it etc, however your non-piercing projectiles smash into it (no chains), while your piercing projectiles pass through without hitting it. Something that enables it to be used with EA and NON-pierce KB and preserves the synergy with Freeze Heartbeat etc, while disabling the pierce/chain abuse. I always thought that this EA fuse putting on FW was cool, and not really broken since you can perform the same thing on normal walls. Allowing FW to do the same thing would just make it possible to actually build about that interaction with some skilful positioning/timing, instead of having to hope that you could kite the boss into a wall. But maybe that kind of fix wouldn't be easy to implement. Rather than adding functionality in the traditional spectrums ( Damage type, damage source, etc), to add diversity, you have to play with those spectrum and create specific restrictions. Such as POE Orbs of storm as i said. Have you heard about POE? Are you one of the thousands who have attracted by it? Well if so, I'm certain that you have bought a few Path of Exile ORBS or a few Path of Exile ORBS items on the internet before